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Since 1904, we've produced every Kingsdown mattress with extensive research, a commitment to science, hand craftsmanship and rigorous testing. As an internationally renowned employee owned company, we take pride in the quality of every mattress that goes out the door. 

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While the craftsmanship of our Kingsdown Mattresses can only be experienced first-hand, we invite you to take a look around our website. 828-254-5555


Ultimate In Comfort

Kingsdown, Inc. handcrafted luxury mattresses that indulge the sleeper in the ultimate comfort of sleep systems designed with luxury or exotic components and materials.

Best All Around Value

Kingsdown, Inc. mattresses that deliver the best of both worlds: fine handcraftsmanship, innovative and scientifically tested product design, yielding exceptional durability, comfort, and support at lower price points.

Latest In Sleep Innovation

Kingsdown, Inc. mattresses that are engineered using the latest innovations in durable componentry, fabric applications and technological advancements that trail blaze new paths of manufacturing in the mattress industry.

Built For The Two Of Us

Specialty Kingsdown, Inc. mattresses that are uniquely designed with cores that either operate independently or are scientifically recommended to meet the needs of both sleepers, particularly in cases when sleep partners have highly varied comfort and support requirements. Construction types vary by model. See product descriptions for details.

Something For The Kids

Kingsdown, Inc. mattresses specially designed to meet the support needs of children.

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Affordable Bedding Inc, of Asheville, NC sells Kingsdown mattress at discounted prices. Our factory specials are the best sellers. If you want to pay less for high quality mattresses that last  a very long time while supporting local we are the place for you. 

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Anatomy of a Kingsdown Mattress

The secret is out--there is something special inside each Kingsdown mattress. That's because only with Kingsdown can you find the following proprietary handcrafted features:

Vertical Zoning®

Vertical Zoning allows your body to float to its natural position through precisely layered comfort materials. Your body receives maximum pressure relief while still being properly supported.

Cushion Cloud® Construction

This Kingsdown Inc., exclusive patented construction process utilizes inner tufting of comfort layers to eliminate shifting. Instead of being tightly bound, the quilting layers float above the tufted comfort layers and mattress unit. This creates a more relaxed sleep surface, delivers proper postural support, and allows the mattress to conform to the body (instead of the body conforming to the mattress). 

Flexatron® Cushioning Material

Exclusive to Kingsdown, Inc. brand products and manufactured on site, Flexatron is a unique blend of cushioning material that is hypo allergenic, mildew resistant, and odor-free.

Full Body Surround®

It provides a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface, resulting in superior edge support and a 100% usable no-flip sleep surface. Benefits includes less internal shifting and no roll-out or roll-together feeling.

While the craftsmanship of our Kingsdown Mattresses can only be experienced first-hand, we invite you to take a look around our website. 828-254-5555

Mattress Quality And The Science of Sleep

Kingsdown’s heritage is deeply rooted in sleep science. We possess an in-depth understanding of how mattress quality can impact quality sleep unlike any others in the industry. As the pioneers of the bedMATCH™ System, we have collected over 10,000 sleep profiles from individuals with all body shapes and sizes. This data has played a major role in how we continue to advance every mattress collection we develop and every mattress we manufacture.

At Kingsdown, we are passionate about the science of sleep. Most notably, we led a widely publicized research project on the affect a custom fit sleep surface can have on sleep quality and comfort. This study sponsored by Kingsdown and led by the Director of the Sleep To Live Institute, Dr. Robert Oexman, as well as many other projects, exemplify our quest to build the best mattresses in the world.

We continually seek out ways to advance comfort and support technology. Every piece of material and every aspect of mattress construction is carefully evaluated. No matter what Kingsdown mattress you purchase, you can be assured that it is one of the industry’s best mattresses in its class, whether innerspring, foam, latex or our latest innovation the intelligent Sleep Smart bed.

Quality Since 1904


Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina, Kingsdown Inc., provides sleep solutions for leading retailers throughout the United States and more than 20 countries. Each mattress and box spring produced by Kingsdown, Inc., are handcrafted using state-of-the-art equipment and materials. Research and development, training and distribution facilities, as well as two manufacturing facilities, are also headquartered in Mebane.

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